Sweater Weather Goals AF

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-38-36-pmHappy First Day of Fall! It was 62 degrees when I left the house this morning, fall is officially in full swing. Here are 5 sweaters that I have been seeing around lately. These are definitely on-trend and would carry you straight through winter. I found these gems on Cupshe.com, sweaters starting  at $19.99 and up. Click on the picture and it’ll take you straight to my affiliate link.

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Prohibition is Over! I can FINALLY Buy Beer and Wine at a Supermarket Like The Rest of America! 

Woman stunned when greeted with beer at a supermarket in Philadelphia.

If you’re not familiar with Philadelphia then you won’t know the excitement that came over me when I walked into the Acme (it’s a supermarket here) and was greeted with BEER! 

Enjoying my first beer purchase from Acme at home.

It’s not a big deal in most major cities across America but having lived in Philadelphia us Philadelphians are not allowed to purchase wine and beer anywhere but at a state owned store. It was such a huge inconvenience. If I ran out of wine for a party I would have to make a run across the bridge to Jersey. 

I hated that our alcohol consumption was controlled by the government. It has been this way for over 80 years. If I ran out of wine on Sunday I was out of luck. State stores are closed on Sunday’s. 

Philadelphians can also get direct shipment of wine to their homes now. Four years ago I visited The Castello in Napa Valley and wanted to ship a case of some incredible Cabernet Sauvignon home but was unable to. So I smuggled 2 bottles in my check in while my New York friends felt sorry for me. 

While I try to stay out of the politics of it, I learned that it was the Republicans who wanted to change this antiquated law and the Democrates that wanted to keep us under tyranny.  

I can finally agree with Trump on something, “Let’s make America great again”, cheers to that! 🍻

Daily Finds

I love shopping on Zulily.com. It’s my go to site when shopping for gifts, housewares, clothes, and discovering new items. With a discount of up to 70% off retail price, I can’t help but to share these amazing finds with friends and family and now I want to share them with you. Here are a few of my favs!

1. Ramblin Open Cardigan 2. Warrior Heart Tee 3. Wool Sun Hat 4. Playa Del Vacay Tote 5. Shake It Up Pants  6. No Boundaries Anorak 

How I’ll Never Lose My Ring Again.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

You know it the second it happens that you’re screwed. You try to remember the last few hours, minutes, even seconds of your life leading up to this moment.

When did I last see my ring? Did I take it off? Can my mom call her psychic and ask if it’s lost for good? How long do I have before he comes home?

We got engaged on July 4th. We’ve been engaged for less than 3 months and I royally screwed myself by not listening and acting on the most common advice other women give you when they learn that you’re engaged.

“Buy a ring dish! Buy 3 or 4 of them if you’re smart! Set them all around the house. Give your ring a home.”

Everyone kept telling me this, from my best friend to the ring consultant, to my fiancé even. My mom even knew a woman who wrapped her ring in a paper towel and accidentally threw the paper towel out on trash day. He is going to kill me, we just mailed in the ring insurance the other day.

Why didn’t I just buy a damn ring dish.

I just couldn’t see myself using a ring dish. Why spend money on something that I didn’t need? I would never lose this ring. Especially not this ring! After I semi-calmed down, I frantically started retracing my steps. I came home, changed out of my scrubs, went to the bathroom, I washed the dishes —

There, two places and instances of when and where I would’ve taken the ring off. When I wash my hands and doing the dishes.

As I made my way to the bathroom I said a silent prayer and begged to god that if I found my ring I would be the best human on earth. I would give money to that homeless man I see every morning, I would volunteer at shelters. I would be the best human possible.

I left our bathroom counter a mess. It’s what happens when you give yourself 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. I perfected the 3 minute makeup routine. I decided I would slowly clear everything from the counter and place them where they actually belong.

I was losing hope. I did not see the ring anywhere but I kept at it. What else have I got to lose? I went to grab a rag that I keep in the bathroom for wiping down the counter top after washing my face and there it was.

Sitting on top of a rag.

After saying a huge thank you and giving the ring a huge fat kiss, I put it back on my ring finger and SWORE that I will never take it off ever again, for now.

Since then, I have ordered 3 ring dishes. I place one in the bathroom, one near the kitchen sink, and the other on the night stand next to the bed. For me, these are the most common places where I would take my ring off. You may find yourself needing to mix ground meat with your bare hands or painting an entire living room. You never know when you will need to take off your ring but at least when you do, you know where it goes. It has a home.

I found this awesome silverback gorilla ring dish on etsy.com. I keep this one by the kitchen sink:

Gorilla Ring Holder

I also adore this army man figurine and keep this one by the bathroom sink:

Army Figurine Ring Holder

Here are some more ring dishes that I found online and would consider gifting:



Umbra Anigram Ring Holder, Bunny, Copper
Creative Co-Op Ceramic Dog Dish, White
White Cat Ring Holder