Zara’s Answer to Chanel’s $1500 Slingback

Zara vs. Chanel Slingback Fall 2016
Fall is looking like a pretty good month for me. It’s only been less than 4 hours since I’ve been up and 2 of my highly coveted shoe prayers have been answered by Zara.
I’ve been admiring the two-toned Chanel Slingback  since last year. It’s a classic and timeless heel that has been reproduced by a number of shoe designers this past year. I’m excited about the Zara’s rendition because they added an ankle strap.
Zara’s anwer to the $1500 Chanel Slingback:

Image 3 of CONTRAST SLINGBACKS from Zara


49.90 USD

I can’t wait for my shoes to arrive!

Zara’s Answer to Miu Miu’s Lace-up Ballerina Flat

Zara vs. Miu Miu
OMG, I literally can’t even with these ballerina flat from Zara. I’ve been coveting the Miu Miu ballerina flat since the summer time but a $620 shoe is a hard pill to swallow so I’ve been loving them from the sideline–I’m such a responsible adult.
I was hoping someone would replicate these soon and it seems as though my prayers have been answered!
I went on to Zara today to help a coworker look for a fall leather jacket and came across these shoes! Even if it’s only a trend I can always resell them on Poshmark. I quickly purchased them as they will probably sell out by this weekend.


The Pajama Top


Let’s talk about my latest obsession, the pajama top. When does the interest in Pajama Tops begin? I did a key word search on pajama top and pajama blouse and according to GoogleTrends, the pajama top started gaining some interest in 2004. The interest in pajama top peaks in November 2015– thats a slow and long running trend that has lasted almost 11 years.


Interestingly enough, this trend only seem to exist in North America but I’ve seen some pretty convincing pictures of why this trend will continue to slay well into 2017 from @deborarosa, a Parisian fashion blogger:


and @shhtephs:

@chloehollywood gives us two ways to wear the pajama top:

I don’t need anymore convincing. I live in Philadelphia and we’re always arriving fashionably late for everything, including this trend. It’s so laid back, literally.

I love to share my finds so I’ve curated some pajama tops that you can look at from these retailers:

Choies Top.jpg
Choies White V-neck Contrast Trims Pajama Style Chiffon Shirt, $15! 
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 12.07.23 PM.png
Vintage Pajama Set, on sale at J.Crew for $68  (you can also get this monogrammed)

This full on Pajama Jumpsuit is ridiculous!!:

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 12.11.38 PM.png
Carla by Rozarancio Black & White Contrast Trim Jumpsuit, 3 colors to choose from

Are you a fan or nah?



For the Bond Fan: Barbour on Zulily

James Bond in Skyfall wearing a Barbour jacket


I’m an immortal Bond fan. Undying. Through the good and bad, Casino Royale and Spectre — my love for Bond is unwavering. In Skyfall, Bond is seen wearing this waxed Barbour jacket at his ancestral home in Scotland.

So when Zulily launched Barbour for the first time today my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t wait to dive into the sale.

I’ve been eyeing this waxed jacket since 2012. It retails for $599 but today on Zulily I found it discounted at $349. Items in the sale start at $49.99 and up. I was able to buy the last jacket.

The only downside of shopping on Zulily is that this particular item it won’t ship until October 9th. Oh well, I waited since the premiere of Skyfall to get this jacket so what’s another 2 weeks?


Barbour Light Olive Waxed Staward Jacket, Zulily