Prohibition is Over! I can FINALLY Buy Beer and Wine at a Supermarket Like The Rest of America! 

Woman stunned when greeted with beer at a supermarket in Philadelphia.

If you’re not familiar with Philadelphia then you won’t know the excitement that came over me when I walked into the Acme (it’s a supermarket here) and was greeted with BEER! 

Enjoying my first beer purchase from Acme at home.

It’s not a big deal in most major cities across America but having lived in Philadelphia us Philadelphians are not allowed to purchase wine and beer anywhere but at a state owned store. It was such a huge inconvenience. If I ran out of wine for a party I would have to make a run across the bridge to Jersey. 

I hated that our alcohol consumption was controlled by the government. It has been this way for over 80 years. If I ran out of wine on Sunday I was out of luck. State stores are closed on Sunday’s. 

Philadelphians can also get direct shipment of wine to their homes now. Four years ago I visited The Castello in Napa Valley and wanted to ship a case of some incredible Cabernet Sauvignon home but was unable to. So I smuggled 2 bottles in my check in while my New York friends felt sorry for me. 

While I try to stay out of the politics of it, I learned that it was the Republicans who wanted to change this antiquated law and the Democrates that wanted to keep us under tyranny.  

I can finally agree with Trump on something, “Let’s make America great again”, cheers to that! 🍻

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